Furry Gallery

"I am so thrilled with the beautiful paintings of my beloved dogs that artist Linda Mate created. They are a lasting memory of my best friends that I will have forever. Thank you, Linda, for your artistry and care."
Lee Purcell
Burbank, CA
"We never tire of Linda's beautiful portrait of our beloved dog, Java. Working with great skill in an extraordinarily detailed wood-burning technique the portrait, with the inclusion of other delicate elements of nature, captures the soul of our old pal. Gone almost ten years years now, our dear friend lives on in our hearts, coming vibrantly alive at a glance when we turn to look at Linda’s stunning work."
Madalyn Jo & Richard Evans
Whidbey Island, WA
"The distinct quality and vividness of Linda's unique talent for painting brought real enjoyment to us. We just love both individual portraits of our dogs immensely and it has definitely added a new appreciation and much gratitude to what pets can really bring to a family."
Bob Dahlquist
Burbank, CA
"We are forever grateful to Linda and her amazing ability to capture our pup’s unique personality on canvas. Olaf was a white boxer with a whole lot of attitude, love, and humor. And Linda caught it all perfectly. I was a professional animal portrait artist for many years, and know how difficult it is to accurately pull that all together into the perfect portrait. It’s really all in the eyes. If you can’t get that right, you may as well give up. Linda nails it every time! Olaf crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” after only four years with us. His portrait hangs in our living room, forever with us. Linda, we thank you!"
Sandy Whiting and Susanne Newbold
July 8, 2020